Saturday, March 20, 2010

In rememberence of K810i ..

A tribute to my old phone which was cruelly stolen on 18th March 2010..

Whenever I heard you ring
my steps got a spring
When I felt you in my pocket vibrate
the feeling was great

With you around, beloved K810i,friends were never too far
I still treasure the image of your plastic body,darker than tar
Dear phone,I sincerely hope,the guy who separated us
falls a thousand feet or gets hit by a bus.

RIP K810i
20-AUG-2008 - 18-MAR-2010

P.S. : I know this might not conform to normal standards of poetry but i really don't care
P.P.S:Do not waste your time pointing out grammatical inaccuracies because i don't care about that either..